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In the Beginning there was UO Automap..

Ultima Online requires no introduction as one of the first graphical Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. Its success and longevity are a credit to its developers and the many players who continue to keep this awesome game alive. One of the games few shortcomings, particularly with the classic client that continues to have a staunch following, was the small radar map that was included in the game. If one had to travel from one part of this huge online world to a distant location the radar map was of little use as it only displayed the players immediate locality.

Belxans UO auto-map or UOAM as it was often abbreviated was the first ancillary mapping software for Ultima Online. Used as a supplemental mapping system to Ultima Onlines radar map it boasted many features such as the ability to track other players, a chat system, a full worldwide map (as opposed to the limited view of the radar map), the ability to label locations and so much more. It was ground breaking in its time and rapidly became one of the games must have utilities.

UO automap was accepted as a UO pro utility which essentially means that it was considered to be in keeping with the spirit of the Ultima Online community, its use was officially sanctioned by Origin Systems Inc and was not considered to be cheating.

Unfortunately the world turns and Belxan found a need to devote his time to his real world affairs and ceased to maintain UO Automap. As a result the Samurai Empire expansion was the last game expansion to be supported by UO Automap.

Enter UOCartographer

With the release of the Stygian Abyss expansion Ultima Online players who preferred to use the classic client rather than the updated Kingdom Reborn client (that later became the Enhanced Client) were well and truly stuck. UO Automap simply could not cope and simply crashed at any attempt to build map files for the new land. In 2009 a developer called Kiwillian wrote UOCartographer, a UO Automap replacement that worked with the new lands and worked well.

UOCartographer was an instant hit with both classic and EC client users despite the Enhanced Client shipping with its own mapping system. UOCartographer boasted many of the same features that UO Automap contained, in some instances greatly improved and far more functional than the original. Sadly it is not approved by EA games however information on the stratics website leads me to believe that UOCartographer users will not be persecuted by GMs etc for using it.

Sadly, it seems that the developer for UOCartographer has fallen off the map and finding a good source for downloading this awesome map utility for Ultima Online is difficult and plagued with dud sites that bombard the user with misleading advertising and popups. Often after some perseverence the user was eventually able to locate a dead link to the original UOcartographer site which now redirects elsewhere and has nothing to do with UOCartographer. This site,, was born out of the desire to continue to distribute this awesome Ultima Online utility to those who need it.

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