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UOCartographer Missing .MUL Files Fix

When UOCartographer runs for the first time it will need to build maps using the map files found within the Ultima Online game directory. Usually Ultima Online is installed in the Program Files directory on your C: drive, in a sub folder called EA Games and most likely in a subfolder of that called Ultima Online Class (IE C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic). The name of the subfolder may be slightly different eg Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Edition depending on how old your installation media is, if you installed it off a disk or downloaded the client from the internet.

Assuming that UOCartographer is installed correctly, you have UO Assist and you remembered to install Microsofts .NET Framework 3.5 (both of which UOCartographer needs to work) when you start UOCartographer for the first time it will display a message "Cannot locate all maps. Press OK to generate map files. This may take some time. If you are currently running UOAM please close it before continuing." If the map files are located successfully in the Ultima Online folder it will take a few minutes to generate the maps required and simply start working.

If it cannot locate the Ultima Online map it will generate an error message like "UOC cannot find the client map files. Please Check this file exists C:\Program Files\Ultima Online Classic\map0.mul". You should click ok to this error message to make it go away. It will generate the same error message for each of the client map files of which there are 6 in total, map0.mul, map1.mul, map2.mul, map3.mul, map4.mul and map5.mul. Each of these map files contain a particular facet (eg Trammel, Felucca, Ilshinar etc). It will then display a final error message "Cant locate facet map. Ensure the path to the client is set correctly". UOCartographer will then start in a window but will be completely black.

Probably the best thing to do at this point is use Windows Explorer to look in the Ultima Online install directory (C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic) and see if the games map files exist. They will be called map0.mul, map1.mul, map2.mul, map3.mul, map4.mul and map5.mul. If they do then it may be a case of UOCartographer not looking for these files in the right place. Right click anywhere on UOCartographers window (on the part that is currently black) and you will get a list of different functions etc. Click on Options. One of the choices that you will be presented with is CC Path which stands for Classic Client path. Make sure that this is the path to the directory that the game is installed in (eg C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic) and if it is not change it and click ok on the bottom of that window. Restart UOCartographer and see if the issue is resolved. UOCartographer must be restarted to build its map files. If you play on a freeshard this simple fix may resolve your problems.

It is quite possible that these files do not exist, in March of 2012 there were a series of patches for those who play on EA servers that resulted in these files being modified and renamed. Map0.mul became map0LegacyMUL.uop and was modified in some way so that copying these files and renaming them back to their original names resulted in the map not displaying correctly though UO Cartograper does read them and rebuild from them without error messages.

The fix for this is quite simple as well, when UOCartographer builds its maps it stores them in a UOCartographer folder located in the computer users my documents folder (eg C:\Documents and Settings\pcuser\My Documents\UOCartographer). When it starts it checks to see if it has built its own map files and stored them there. If it sees the map files it will start and work normally. This folder is created when UOCartographer is installed and can easily be accessed from your start menu where most versions of Windows will have a shortcut to My Documents.

On our downloads page we have provided a set of prebuilt map files facet0.bmp, facet1.bmp, facet2.bmp, facet3.bmp, facet4.bmp and facet5.bmp that are zipped to ensure they can be downloaded quickly. Simply download this file and unzip it into your UOCartographer folder in My Documents. UOCartographer will then start up, see map files and work!

Click on this link to download the UOCartographer Missing .mul file fix-

Download UOCartographer Missing .Mul Fix